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 ENT Surgeon: SWAR ENT


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About Dr. Anuj Shah

Dr. Anuj Shah, an accomplished ENT surgeon, has made a significant mark in the medical field. With an impressive educational background and extensive experience, he has become a trusted name in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Anuj Shah secured the 9th rank in the Gujarat State Board examinations, showcasing his dedication and commitment to his profession from the very beginning. He completed his MBBS from Government Medical College, Surat, and pursued his MS in ENT from SMIMER.

Further enhancing his skills, Dr. Shah underwent a fellowship in Laryngology from the prestigious Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune. This specialized training has equipped him with advanced knowledge and expertise in treating disorders related to the larynx.

Years of Experience and Expertise

With over 9 years of experience, Dr. Anuj Shah has established himself as a leading ENT surgeon. He has successfully performed more than 4500 ENT surgeries, making a positive impact on the lives of numerous patients.

At Swar ENT Hospital, Dr. Shah ensures that his patients receive the best possible care. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enabling accurate diagnoses and effective treatment. Dr. Shah and his team are dedicated to providing personalized and comprehensive care to each patient.

Services Offered

Swar ENT Hospital, under the guidance of Dr. Anuj Shah, offers a wide range of services to address various ENT conditions. Some of the key services provided include:

  • Vocal Cord Evaluation
  • All Kinds of Nasal and Throat Surgeries
  • All Kinds of Ear Surgeries

Whether it’s a simple procedure or a complex surgery, Dr. Shah and his team ensure that every patient receives the highest quality of care. They understand the importance of effective communication and strive to educate their patients about their condition and treatment options.

Contact Dr. Anuj Shah

If you are seeking expert ENT care, Dr. Anuj Shah is the right choice. You can reach out to him at:

Contact Number: +91-82389 35656

Email: anujhshah.1989@gmail.com

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