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 “Mehkey Pathology Lab: Accurate, Accessible

“Mehkey Pathology Lab: Accurate, Accessible

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Mehkey Pathology Laboratory sounds like an excellent and highly reliable facility for medical testing and diagnostics in Their emphasis on delivering accurate results is crucial for effective healthcare management. The commitment to precision in testing, overseen by a team of skilled professionals, ensures that patients and healthcare providers can make informed decisions based on reliable data.The lab’s 24/7 operation is a major advantage for patients, offering flexibility and support for both regular and emergency testing needs. This continuous availability is especially beneficial in a bustling city where healthcare demands can be unpredictable.

In addition to their round-the-clock services, Mehkey Pathology Laboratory is dedicated to making healthcare more affordable for the elderly. Their discount program for senior citizens reflects a deep understanding of the financial challenges faced by older adults, ensuring they have access to necessary medical testing without financial strain.

Their home service option is another highlight, providing full-body checkups in the comfort of patients’ homes. This service is particularly valuable for those with limited mobility or who prefer the convenience and privacy of at-home care.

Dr. Boskey Jariwala, the owner of Mehkey Pathology Laboratory, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in pathology. Her leadership and commitment to quality care have established the lab as a trusted healthcare provider in Surat

Mehkey Pathology Laboratory’s dedication to accurate results, 24/7 availability, affordable services for seniors, and convenient home checkups make it a top choice for pathology services in Surat. It’s a lab that not only meets but exceeds patient expectations in healthcare.

To connect with Dr. Boskey Gandhi(Jariwala) for any pathology-related queries or services, feel free to reach out to her at Mehkey Pathology Laboratory. Dr. Jariwala is always available to provide guidance, discuss test results, or address any concerns you might have regarding your healthcare needs.

You can contact her through the lab’s dedicated phone line, email, or by visiting Mehkey Pathology Lab in person.

Contact No: 9510088447

Email: Mehkeylab@gmail.com

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