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 “Cleanest Cities 2023: Surat, Indore”

“Cleanest Cities 2023: Surat, Indore”

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Surat Secures Top Spot in Swachhata Survekshan 2023 along with Indore. 

Double Dhamaka! Surat & Indore Shine as India’s Cleanest Cities

Surfing atop the charts of Swachhata Survekshan 2023, Surat and Indore have grabbed the coveted title of India’s cleanest cities! This isn’t just a victory, it’s a sparkling testament to their unwavering commitment to hygiene and sustainability.

Surat’s journey to the top shines with initiatives like door-to-door waste collection, smart garbage tracking, and community-driven cleanliness campaigns. Indore, meanwhile, has aced waste management with its focus on composting and resource recovery.

But the true magic lies in the spirit of the people. Residents in both cities have embraced cleanliness as a way of life, turning every street into a canvas for environmental responsibility.

The impact? Sparkling streets, healthier communities, and a thriving environment. Surat and Indore stand tall as beacons of inspiration, urging every Indian city to join the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and paint the nation clean!

So, here’s to Surat and Indore, the twin champions of cleanliness! May their journeys continue to inspire, and may their shine illuminate every corner of India.Surat and Indore became the cleanest cities in 2023, showing their commitment to cleanliness and eco-friendly practices. The Swachhata Survekshan is an annual survey by the Indian government, evaluating cities based on their efforts for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission).

Why Surat is  India’s Cleanest City?

  1. Sorting Waste at Home: Surat encourages people to separate their trash at home, making it easier to manage and recycle both biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.

  2. Smart Garbage Collection: The city uses smart technology to plan garbage collection routes efficiently. This reduces pollution and ensures garbage is picked up on time.

  3. Community Involvement: Surat involves residents through awareness campaigns and community projects, encouraging everyone to take responsibility for keeping the city clean.

  4. Clean Toilets and Facilities: Surat invests in public toilets and sanitation facilities, improving hygiene for all residents.

  5. Green Areas and City Planning: The city includes green spaces and follows eco-friendly city planning, making the city more beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Impact on People’s Lives:

Surat’s dedication to cleanliness directly improves the quality of life for its residents. It reduces health risks and makes the city attractive for businesses, tourism, and living.


Surat being the cleanest city in Swachhata Survekshan 2023 shows its long-term commitment to cleanliness and community involvement. Surat sets an example for other cities, proving that a clean environment is crucial for a healthy and thriving community. It inspires cities across India to adopt similar practices for a cleaner and greener country.

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